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1. Left Hand Free / Murder 3:10
2. Kings and Queens 5:41
3. Don't Belong 3:32
4. Disappear 4:50
5. I Heard It Through the Grapevine 4:05
6. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You 3:22
7. The Quest 5:48


Who We Are

Ithacappella started in 1996 as the Ithaca College Men’s Chorus. Our repertoire contains choral pieces and traditional tunes that trace back to the group’s early days. Today we also integrate contemporary hits into our music. This helps us bring professionalism and personality to classrooms, school assemblies, and performances nationwide.

What We Do

On the Ithaca College campus, we perform four concerts during the school year and are featured in school-related events. Off campus, we bring education and entertainment to communities across the United States. Sometimes we compete in music competitions. Whatever we do, we try to use our opportunities to grow as musicians and people.

Our Goals

We want to bring you high-quality, live performances through each opportunity we’re involved in. Each year we create a professionally record album, and we try to choose songs that best showcase who Ithacappella is in that given year. We also want to show you how music is a positive, creative outlet for better understanding yourself and others.

Our Mission

We want to show you music can help you grow and learn. Our members are students first and musicians second. For some members, Ithacappella is a stepping stone to continue pursuing a professional entertainment career. For others, the group is chance to make lifelong friends. We’re all here to entertain you, connect with you, and offer an experience you may never forget.

Our Discography

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