Ithaca College's Only All-Male Vocal Band.

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October 21  7:30pm

Emerson Suites
Ithaca College

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November 5  7:30pm

Emerson Suites
Ithaca College


Kai Hedin - President


Junior Kai Hedin sings bass in Ithacappella and is now the group’s President, having narrowly scraped a win in an unopposed election last year. Kai majors in Music education with a primary focus is violin, but since Ithaca College still doesn’t have an all-violin a cappella group, he joined Ithacappella instead.
Kai wishes to be both performer and teacher. This pursuit has allowed him to learn numerous skills need for any performer or teacher to succeed: landscaping, retail, manual labor, and other similar hobbies.
Also, Kai isn’t all music. In his spare time, he plays basketball, soccer, and chess.
But Kai wants to emphasize his favorite chore: folding laundry. The entire concept of taking dirty, smelly clothes and making them wearable again never ceases to blow his mind. And the joy of folding, and wearing, warm clothes directly out of the dryer is unmatched by any other menial task.
He believes, truly, that the afterlife must be some kind of laundromat.
To Kai, Ithacappella is about growing a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime.

Seamus Buxton - Conductor


Junior Seamus Buxton considers himself half-moose, half-dolphin. Spending his time playing in the waters of Vermont's Lake Champlain, Seamus sustains himself on a healthy diet of maple creemees, known by the unenlightened as soft-serve ice cream. While he attends school for humans, Seamus majors in Music Education and serves as Ithacappella’s Conductor.
Seamus is able to use his dolphin squeaks as a useful addition to the Tenor I section of Ithacappella. Together with his human brothers, Seamus enjoys spreading a cappella music to the Ithaca community and beyond.
When not hanging with Ithacappella, Seamus can be found frolicking in the Whalen School of Music, learning how to teach human children the art of paddycakes and spinning in circles. Most of his time is spent doing this sacred practice.
*It should be noted that Kai Hedin is the mortal enemy (not really) of Seamus. Mention their rivalry to each of them and see what they say.

James Johnston - Vice President


Junior James Johnston is from Cleveland, Ohio. Like many members of Ithacappella, he wears numerous hats: he sings baritone in the group, serves as Ithacappella’s Vice President, academically majors in film and academically minors in integrated marketing communications.
James has been performing in choirs and other ensembles since eighth grade. He also likes to think himself as being an “athlete.” After high school, James traded his football pads for an Ithacappella blue blazer. However, he still loves to shoot hoops in the intramural club on campus and consistently cheers on his hometown NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
When it comes to hobbies, James watches movies, plays golf and embodies the lifestyle of being over six feet tall.
When it comes to inspirations, James looks to his two older sisters, parents and his most cherished friends.
To James, Ithacappella is a group of best friends that make him feel incredible.

Jacob Kerzner - Assistant Conductor


Sophomore Jacob Kerzner is pretty hard to describe. On one hand, Jacob sings as a Tenor I and serves as Ithacappella’s Assistant Conductor. On the other hand, in majoring in Music Composition and Voice Performance, he hopes to write, orchestrate and conduct new musicals.
You could say Jacob is known to have a “busy mind.”
Since he was a wee lad, Jacob has been involved in music. On his first birthday, Jacob remembers getting a keyboard and hitting it a lot with his hands. Jacob also agrees this is basically what does today in order to get the most out of his college education. Oh, and Jacob wants you to know a couple of his favorite things:
His favorite color is orange. And his favorite fruit is not oranges, but grapefruits.
For Jacob, a group like Ithacappella is a chance to have fun with his best friends and continue to grow in many great experiences.

Ian Goodman - Financial Officer


Sophomore Ian Goodman grew up in Westport, Connecticut. Goodman sings Baritone in the group and serves as the group’s Financial Officer. His college major, you ask? Why Accounting, of course!
During his high school years, Ian enjoyed goofing around and taking part in lots of clubs. Ian has fallen in love with the town of Ithaca, and he considers the students at Ithaca College some of the most amazing people he’s ever met.
Oh, and if you really want to get to know Ian, here are some of his favorite things:
Ian proudly says his favorite film is “The Big Lebowski.” However, anyone that really knows Ian understands he spends a lot of money on his favorite food: chinese chicken with broccoli. Back home, every Sunday morning Ian goes with his grandpa to a local Chinese restaurant, “Tiger Bowl,” and gets the same order every time. At this point, Ian and his grandfather don’t even order at the restaurant: the owners already know what’s coming.
Ian describes himself as a realist, humorous and confident. As proof, he got into a couple Madison Square Garden sports games for free using only charisma and swag. This is a true story: ask him.
Ian has never had a brother, but now he feels like he has 15. To Ian, Ithacappella means family.

Luke Harbur


Junior Luke Harbur was born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. He pursued the arts for more than 10 years, which has currently lead him to be a proud member of Ithacappella. Typically he can be seen jumping around on stage singing Tenor II or beatboxing.
In high school, Luke was known as a happy, go-lucky, curly-headed goofball. He moved to North Carolina his senior year to pursue acting, but then realized he wanted to have a different college experience. At Ithaca College, Luke is a journalism major and graphic design minor. One day, he hopes to create his own independent media company which focuses on emotional-based journalism.
Luke’s favorite sound is the “om” from Buddhist chants. And his favorite film is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Oh, and his favorite food is a tie between his Granny’s cooking and Indian cuisine.
Luke describes himself as complex, optimistic and philosophical. To Luke, Ithacappella is the definition of brotherhood.

Adam Tarpey


Sophomore Adam Tarpey began his singing journey while attending the fifth grade. At that time, Adam was in an elementary school punk rock band, “Slightly Poisoned.” Adam dreamed of becoming a singer and the lead bassist of the band, but after much discussion with the other members, they refused to let him pursue his dreams. But now he pursues his love for music through majoring in Music Education and Vocal Performance in college. He secretly pursues a little bit of punk on the side, too.
Adam was introduced to a cappella music while attending Wakefield High School in Wakefield, Massachusetts. When not riffing to his favorite pop songs or choir tune, you can find Adam cooking delicious dishes in various college dorm room kitchen areas.
For Adam, being a part of Ithacappella means being in a family that cares about each other unconditionally. Adam sings as a Tenor II in the group.

Sean Gatta


Sophomore Sean Gatta grew up on Long Island, NY. In high school, Sean performed in musicals and sang in chorus and show choir.
Sean loves college, and one big reason why is joining Ithacappella. He loves the freedom of being in the group, the late night hangouts, and finally being able to focus on what he loves: studying music. As a Music Education major, Sean would love to be a high school chorus director.
Here are a few of his favorite things:
Favorite sound: silence.
Favorite film: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Favorite Food: bacon.
Fun fact: Sean swam to the bottom of Marianas Trench and back in one breath. Sean describes himself as witty, friendly and devilishly handsome.
To Sean, Ithacappella means being a part of a family who have your back no matter, being around people who have a great time with each other, and being around people who create inventive music that leaves an audience speechless.

Kyle Banks


Senior Kyle Banks grew up in the hustle and bustle of Huntington, NY. As a music education major, he has explored the music realm by studying drums and percussion privately to now committing more time to developing his vocals. He typically sings as a Tenor II in Ithacappella.
But Kyle’s deeper passions lie in teaching music: Kyle believes that all students, regardless of socioeconomic status or privilege, deserve a strong, foundational music education.
Kyle first got a taste of that good ol’ a cappella in 10th grade when his chamber vocal ensemble was presented with an arrangement of “Collide,” by Howie Day. He tried and failed for the solo, but it was not enough, to keep him away from the a cappella world.
Kyle’s college experience has been defined largely by music collaboration. His time in ensembles such as the Ithaca College Chorus, Madrigal Singers, and Choir has taught him important skills not only in singing, but in working with others toward a goal greater.
That’s what Kyle feels he does with Ithacappella: work with an incredible group of people to create beautiful music.

Kevin DeLisa


Freshman Kevin DeLisa is HYPED to be a part of Ithacappella! He feels privileged to be able to make music with such an incredible group. He’s also proud to sing as a Tenor II.
As a music education major with a focus in voice, his true passions do lie in appella music. Throughout high school Kevin was involved with numerous vocal groups such as chamber choir, show choir and an all-male a cappella group. But when he isn’t within the world of music, Kevin loves to hang out with his friends or go into downtown Ithaca to see what’s new.
When Kevin has a lot on his mind, which he finds to be often, he finds refuge in song.
To Kevin, Ithacappella sees the love of music so clearly shared among this collective group of musicians, which seems to give peace and tranquility during such a complicated time of life.
Kevin anticipates the many adventures to come to Ithacappella. He is looking forward to performing, touring, arranging and singing with the group this year and for the other years to come!

Ross Kennedy


Freshman Ross D Kennedy grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. He has been an Ithacappella fan since middle school and is psyched to be an group member. Ross is majoring in Television-Radio at Ithaca College.
One day, Ross hopes to be a successful, famous comedian, which shouldn’t be too hard since he feels he’s already pretty funny-looking.
Some of his favorite activities include: making dad jokes, drinking milk, pretending it’s my birthday at Applebee’s so I get free cake and, of course, singing. Music-wise, Ross loves Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys.
For Ross, he hopes Ithacappella is a place to not only rehearse and make fab music, but also a place to create strong, close bonds with my fellow guys through the magical power of song.
He looks forward to creating hundreds of good memories and experiences in his time with the group.

Tommy Koo


Freshman Tommy Koo grew up in the small town of Somers, New York. He majors in Music Education and sings Tenor I for the group.
Tommy high school friends say he was quiet when first getting to know him. But if you stuck around for awhile, you’d notice he’s full of surprises.
Here are a few of Tommy’s favorite things:
Favorite sound: Wind chimes.
Favorite film: Spirited Away.
Food food: korean bbq
Tommy would describe himself as quiet, entertaining and funny. To Tommy, Ithacapella is awesome people making great music together and while loving every second of it.

Robert Melikyan


Freshman Robert Melikyan has made music and art a primary part of his life since age three. He began in Fort Worth TX with the Kids Who Care theatre company and also took part in the Texas Boys Choir. He later joined the Vanaver Caravan World Dance Company in High Falls NY.
Robert sings Baritone in Ithacappella, and he feels he’s found a balance with his academic and artistic pursuits at Ithaca College. As he majors in engineering, he looks forward to seeing what other adventures lie ahead in being an Ithacappella member.

Nick Paraggio


Sophomore Nick Paraggio grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire. He came to Ithaca College to major in Music Education, primarily focusing on the trumpet. In Ithacappella, he riffs like a madman as a Tenor I.
When he is not singing or playing the trumpet, Nick enjoys 19th century literature, writing, and being outside.
Nick aspires to teach or perform on trumpet or voice after higher education, and Ithacappella gives Nick an opportunity to share his enthusiasm while also performing and growing as a musician.
Nick cannot emphasize how much he loves being in this group!

Joshua Williams


Junior Joshua Williams grew up in Stoughton, Massachusett. In high school he was “the guy who sang in the hallways all the time”. He would walk around and just sing and serenade people walking.
Joshua loves being in the Music Education program at Ithaca College. He becomes excited by other musicians who are equally passionate about music as he is. Overall, he has become a huge fan of Ithaca people in general.
Joshua has a dream: perform jazz on big stages. He’d love to be viewed as someone with musicianship like Michael Buble.
Joshua describes himself as compassionate, spontaneous, and positive.
For Joshua, Ithacappella is an amazingly beautiful thing. He feels as if have never been part of a group who is so cohesive, supportive and talented. He feels blessed to be apart of the group.

About Us

Who We Are

Ithacappella got its start in 1996 as the Ithaca College Men's Chorus (ICMC), founded by four music students who loved singing and wanted to create a men's singing ensemble at the college. Fast forward to today, and Ithacappella sings everything from traditional choral arrangements to current radio hits. In addition to high-quality live performances, Ithacappella has become known for their strong efforts in the recording studio, with critically aclaimed albums that push the boundaries of vocal music.

What We Do

The group also makes numerous efforts to reach out to the community. In addition to four exciting main stage concerts during the school year, the group also enjoys bringing its talent to schools in the form of interactive singing workshops designed to educate and inspire musicians of all ages. The group has performed in a number of different venues and continues to reach out and take advantage of exciting performance opportunities.

Where We've Been

The group has shared the stage with the Grammy-nominated rock group Incubus, performing the band’s hit song “Dig” for thousands of fans. Ithacappella has also appeared on television shows such as American Idol, CNN, and The Price Is Right. The group has competed numerous times in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, including back-to-back appearances in the Finals at Lincoln Center in 2008 and 2009. In the 2008 finals, Ithacappella was named Best Male Ensemble and received special awards for Outstanding Soloists and Outstanding Vocal Percussion.

Recent News

We have a new album coming out this fall! Stay tuned...


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